How To Care For Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian Hair

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How To Care For Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian Hair

Taking care of your brazilian hair, peruvian hair, malysian and all other forms of human hair can be a hectic task if you got no idea about it.
Here is a few tips of how to get your human cleaned and in good shape.

1. Before washing the hair, brush the hair from top to the end gently with a soft brush,to dislodge the dust on the hair
2. put the hair into warm water, tempersture between 25-30 degree celsius,soak the hair for about 10 minutes
3. Wash the hair gently with a shampoo usung your hand
4. Scour the hair with clean water and dry it with towel.
5. Hang the hair in a ventilated place (not direct sunlight)

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