How Can I Prevent My Lace Wig From Shedding?

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How Can I Prevent My Lace Wig From Shedding?

This information is to help you learn how you can prevent and avoid your lace wig from shedding.

  •  Keep wig clean.
  • It is advisable not to apply products that contain high levels of alcohol ie. Hair Sprays, Spritz, etc..directly in the hair,as these products can damage the hair and cause shedding or breakage.
  • You MUST clean all the glue residue off your wig when you remove it. Letting glue or other adhesives build up on your lace will cause shedding.
  • Do not scratch your scalp through your wig as this will cause shedding. Instead, pat your head with your head or remove your wig and treat your scalp with an anti-itch shampoo and conditioner and then moisturize your scalp with an oil or hair grease to prevent itching.
  • Comb your wig from the tip up, holding the hair above as you comb so that it won’t pull on your knots. Use a ventilated wig brush to comb your wig, not a bristle brush.
  • Do not comb your wig when its wet. Prior to washing your wig,make sure you comb it out thoroughly and that its nice and smooth before you start to wash it.
  • Do not Blow Dry or Sit Under a Dryer with heat, you should let your wig air dry. If you must blow dry, make sure it is on the cool setting. Blow Dryer heat will damage/split the knots and cause shedding.

Do’s and Don’ts

· Sleep with your hair tied up, in a braid

· Gently comb hair before shampooing.

· Gently shampoo the hair in one direction only.

· When not wearing your wig, keep it clean and stored on a wig holder in a dry place, so that it will keep its shape.

· Support your Lace Unit Wig with your hands, when brushing or combing your hair.

· For Straight/Yaki textures, use a good vent brush.

· Minimize combing or brushing your lace wig when wet.

· Always seal your knots every time you shampoo your wig.

· Do not spray sealer on the hair.

· Never sleepon wet hair

· Use Shampoo and Conditioner for a lasting shine, softness and fragrance.

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